Contactless Power Supply System

Contactless Power Supply System
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Contactless Power Supply System

All the main power equipment used these days are powered through the plug and socket. So, there were a lot of problems to supply power to moving equipment. Until now, we use slides contact such as Trolley bar to supply the power and a common method used to supply movement to a device such as returnable cars is to equip the car with battery. Feeding method using a slide contact wear due to friction arising out of dust and iron, copper, lead-containing dust and bad contact, etc. can create serious problems in areas like semiconductor industries that require clean environments, and this problem is actually a very significant issue in reality. To solve these problems, the non-contact power supply has been developed. This is, without a direct electrical connection or physical contact transfer electrical energy by magnetic induction phenomenon. This non-contact power is supplied by the transmission of power to the load mediated by a pick-up coil that is movable using combination of mechanical contactless transferring electric current from the converter to the electric current line, and allows secure power supply in a clean environment, even in extreme environments like damp, excluding the risk of dangerous electrical shock (Electric Shock), short-circuit (Short Circuiting).

The Principles of Contactless Power Supply

Contactless power-supply systems supply energy using the principle of magnetic induction. A high-frequency current flows along the trolley line, generating a magnetic field. This magnetic field is picked up by the receiving core, which converts the magnetic energy into the electricity that is supplied to the moving device. Simple Wiring with Clean Energy Supply system provides a contactless power supply for continually moving devices, such as conveyor machines used in factories.

  • Due to non-contact, there is no danger of dust, noise, friction.
  • It shows superior performance in harsh environments.
  • Maintenance costs are lower.
  • It is advantageous in high-speed driving.