5-centerfeedinbox 5-dropoudduct 5-end
Center Feed-In Box Drop-out Duct End Cap
5-feedinbox 5-hanger 5-horizontallyduct
Feed-In Box Hanger Horizontally Curved Ducts
5-straightduct 5-trolley 5-trolleybrackets
Straight-Line Ducts Standard Trolley Trolley Pulling Brackets

Trolley Duct System

Trolley Duct is a transport feeder system developed with the wiring of the electrical equipment that is used while transporting things such as electric hoist, mobile crane, automated warehouse system, and conveyor. Trolley duct is made up by the long life metal duct that contains bare conductor that is in regular intervals by the transportation facilities of the collector, used for all kinds of applications, the trolley that provides a wide range of parts, and highly insulating materials. The trolley duct system has been contributing to decrease labor costs and to guarantee the safety to all kinds of factories such as auto factories, shipyards, machinery, electrical machinery and textile industries.


• It can do the automation and rationalization of process in wide range of application
• Long life and easy maintenance
• Can be installed in a short period of time, and expansion and relocation are easy
• Can be installed on a small space
• Manufactured in rolling manner
• Appropriate to use in locations that are risk of interference